– Who are we ?

My Big workshop is a team composed by pro wedding photographers.

Because we do all the same job, we decided to join our forces, and create what we think was missing in our industry.

– What is the goal of My Big Workshop?

Our goal is simple. We want you to easily search and access to workshops informations.
We know you already spend a lot of time on social media, but this is not enough to follow every photographer you like or would like if you knew them.
We don’t want you to miss a chance to find and assist your perfect workshop.

This is how My Big Workshop is born. We give you the access to the list of every workshop in the world in one place!

– How much does that coast?

FREE ! You can consult the total list for free.

– I’m organizing/participating a workshop that isn’t listed yet. How does it work?

SIMPLE. Just drop us an email about your workshop and we’ll add it to the website. And again, it’s totally FREE.

MyBigWorkshop® is a connecting informations website to create links, sharing knowledges and pleased to meet others.

Our goal is to simplify the way to connect photographers in the wedding business and create the new art of photography.

It was a simple question and request for the market : “how to find the best workshop, masterclass, photo camp around.”

So far we were looking on the wide Internet but nothing came from, to choose the perfect event for each of us. How to find THE EVENT ?

Created in 2016, we were thinking about how to make it easier.

So the website started and never stopped to increase his potential. We were pushing the limits of imagination to create a perfect tool in service of this new market which we really believe in.

We are based in Europe and America.

We really think that to be a photographer is not only a lifestyle but a way to see the world.

Increase the imagination and this is kind of our mission and task to help you to develop yourself.

We accept this mission and we are ready to do that

For questions regarding the website, team, projects, please to contact us at mybigworkshop@gmail.com