MBW – What moves you the most in your life?
Loke Ross – My two sons for sure. I love being a father and a husband. I feel I get so much more out of life since I became a father. The whole world has has turned into a color painting instead of a black and grey minimalistic photograph.

MBW – Where are you based right now and how is it shaping you?
LR – I am based in the south of Sweden right now just outside a small town called Trelleborg. I grew up in Malmö and then lived for 10 years in Berlin, but decided to go back to Sweden after my first son was born.

MBW – In what way, if any, does your location influence your work? LR – To be really honest, not much. I feel that my working locations is all over Europe and not really the place where I sit in a dirty t-shirt in front of my computer. My work gets influenced by the people I meet and the locations I get to visit. Home is home and I don ́t want it any other way.

MBW – Explain your daily routine?
LR – Well, as most families the day starts pretty early. The whole getting-ready-for school-thing can be a mess but when I ́ve taken the boys to school I start with Coffee (my drug of choice) and usually start off working with my inbox. From there it ́s editing, deliveries, finance, shooting portraits or couples and then some more coffee. I allocate around 60min a day for social media as that is a pretty big thing for me to reach out to my clients.

MBW – What is the most useful piece of advice you’ve been given?
LR –
 Always start with the good stuff at a buffet otherwise you ́ll be stuffed before you get the chance to taste it. 🙂

MBW – What do you struggle with at the moment?
LR –
 I feel right now that I am stuck between two different stages in my professional life. The hard part is I haven’t figured out what the next chapter should be about yet.

MBW – Do you remember the saddest moment of your life?
LR –
 I tend to leave the past where it belongs, in the past even if I feel that personal growth normally comes from the hard parts of life.

MBW – What would you say about your perception from your youth till now?
LR – 
I would say “He who dares wins”. It ́s ok to be afraid, it ́s ok to try new things even if what you are doing works great at the moment. It ́s ok to change!

MBW – What would you like to give for your legacy?
LR – Legacy ? I ́m just trying to survive my thirties right now. Come back when I ́m 90 🙂

MBW – How did you came to photography?
LR –
 It was by accident actually. I grew up with music in my veins and started playing in bands and so on when I was 12. Rocking out in a friends parents garage and the whole nine yards. After we became good and hade done some touring in Europe and the US I felt it was necessary to get some sort of formal education. So I took all my stuff, moved to Berlin and learned the language to later start studying at the university. I graduated as a Master of Science in Engineering but started to work at a Post production company as I missed the creativity in Arts. From there I picked up a camera to shoot some commercial work and the rest is… well, not really history but… you know 🙂

MBW – What did you want to be growing up?
LR – Rockstar or Space Engineer.

MBW – What has been the most defining moment in your career?
LR –
 My first booked wedding where the couple did not care what my rates where. They only wanted me and me only to photograph their wedding. That was a real Ah-Ha moment for me.

MBW – Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?
LR – Music and cinema has alway been the key inspiration source for me. I hardly look at wedding photographs or other artist as I feel my own voice gets drowned in other peoples visions then.

MBW – Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
LR – The beauty is that nobody really knows and the scary thing is that… nobody really knows. I work towards a life of creativity in one form or another so I hope that will be what I do in 10 years.

MBW – What creative training do you do outside of your work?
LR – 
Not really training but I still compose music to this day and my library of moody “nobody understands me” music is starting to fill up. But I love to have different outlets of creativity.

MBW – How do you know what a piece of your work is finished and needs no additional

LR – Well, nothing is never really finished in my mind. There is always room for improvement or change but it s room for improvement or it’s a gut feeling when to stop and carry on with the next image or what ever it is I ́m doing.

MBW – What was your hardest/painful creative failure to deal with and what did it teach

LR – It has nothing to do with photography but when I worked as a composer at this Post production company in Berlin. I did this one pitch for a really big international brand and I felt the music I had done would move this brand to a whole new level. Sounds stupid but I really liked it and almost started to like the brand as well because of it. The pitch got shot down and they lost me as their customer for life! 🙂

MBW – If you were no longer able to use a camera, how else would you express your creativity?
LR – Music…. Music all the way

MBW – Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community?
LR –
 It ́s very important to surround yourself with people who are good friends, better than you at your craft and to share information and thoughts. So, I would say being a part of a community is very important to grow as a person and as a photographer

MBW – Do you have any advice to share with people about the lifestyle of a wedding photographer?
LR – It can be a very lonely business and at times very tiring. Much more go on behind the scenes than clicking a button on a camera I can tell you that much. 

MBW – Thank you so much for your time, it is always a pleasure to know more about awesome people and connecting with them.


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