MBW – What moves you the most in your life?
Mary and Maurizio Palumbo – Our love for Arts and Photography has started since we were very young. Both of us attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and then started to work in Advertising agencies whose clients mostly dealt with the world of fashion and jewelry.
We are in love with everything is beautiful, so we love to shift precious moments in amazing images. We love to catch people’s emotions and make them everlasting. That’s why we founded Quattro Studio and started working like destination wedding photographers.

MBW – Where are you based right now and how is it shaping you?
M&MP – We live in Naples, Italy, but we have always been travelling the world. We love discovering new places and above all meeting new people and learn about their culture and traditions. We are also very influenced by our origins, we “feel” the Mediterranean massively: the sea, the smells, the colours. 

MBW – In what way, if any, does your location influence your work?
M&MP – We often work outdoors, close to the sea or surrounded by nature, so the light is usually the protagonist of our photos. Our location lets us feel inspired and creative.

MBW – Explain your daily routine
M&MP – We live together in a sunny house close to the center of Naples, but far from the loudness of the city. We are both passionate about art, design and furniture so we furnished our home choosing every single décor to give it an “escape” atmosphere, to make it the right place where to relax, concentrate and work.
Every morning we have breakfast together and then have a walk with Pablo, our dog, then start working on our computers, when we have shooting days instead we wake up very early in the morning to reach the location in time. We go out often with our car and have trips to scout new locations and find inspirations. We spend lots of time wandering around!

MBW – What is the most useful piece of advice you’ve been given?
M&MP – Since we were young we’ve always been free to take our decisions, so we’ve had the chance to choose our own path. The best advices to us has been: do whatever you love to do in your life and don’t waste time doing something that bores you.

MBW – What do you struggle with at the moment?
M&MP – We are constantly fighting against time, we’d like a 48 hours day! We love our job so much that we’d never stop.

MBW – Do you remember the saddest moment of your life?
M&MP – Like everyone we’ve had some sad moments, but we always prefer trying to forget them and look ahead, not back. To us, that’s the only way to have a positive look on life and being creative. Instead of taking that same old path, we prefer to wander down the road less traveled.

MBW – What would you say about your perception from your youth till now?
M&MP – Well, we do not feel so different right now, we are always the same, the only difference is that now we gained more experience in our profession. 

MBW – What would you like to give for your legacy?
M&MP – One of the best part of our job is that fact that we can give to the people beautiful memories through our camera.

MBW – How did you came to photography?
M&MP – We began our career as fashion and lifestyle photographers, and as time passed we started to take pictures at the weddings of our friends, so we realized how much we enjoyed capturing real-life events and emotions by photography.  

MBW – What did you want to be growing up?
M&MP – We’ve always dreamed to do a job that would make us happy and that was linked to Art and travelling and now we can say that we are lucky to work in a field we love so much.

MBW – What has been the most defining moment in your career?
M&MP – There are lots of defining moments in our career, the best ones are when we see the smile on our clients’ faces while they are looking at our photographs because they relive happy memories.

MBW – Or do you feel there was a turning point, monumental time, or series of events in your life that you were felt as though you were on the right path in regards to your photography career that brought you to where you are now?
M&MP – We have been entrepreneur for some years, we launched a fashion startup, so apart from the communication we totally leaded the company. It has been an amazing period of our lives, we learned a lot of new things. But then, when we came back to our passion, photography, and founded Quattro Studio, and started working full-time in this field, we litterally understood it was the right path for us.  

MBW – Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?
M&MP – Actually we love finding new places and meeting new people. Catching their emotions and making their happiest moments everlasting make us feel vey well.

MBW – Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
M&MP – Taking photos in a new and unknown place of the world.

MBW – What creative training do you do outside of your work?
M&MP –
Mary is madly in love with dogs, sea, cinema and jazz music. She likes reading and painting.
Maurizio loves art, taking long walks in nature, indie music, surfing and cooking traditional Mediterranean dishes.
We both love exploring new places and love to get lost on the mountain roads, or in woods. We also spend our spare time visiting Art or Photograph exhibitions and surfing the web searching for news and inspirations.

MBW – How do you know what a piece of your work is finished and needs no additional work?
M&MP –It’s always hard for creative people judging their work, but there’s a moment when we understand the work is done, the one we are both satisfied of it.

 MBW – What was your hardest/painful creative failure to deal with and what did it teach you?
M&MP – We try to learn about our small everyday mistakes.

MBW – If you were no longer able to use a camera, how else would you express your creativity?
M&MP – We would surely keep on expressing our creativity through painting and cooking.

MBW – Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community?
M&MP – Sure, being a part of a creative community is very inspiring because you can learn a lot from other people and sharing your work too.

MBW – Do you have any advice to share with people about the lifestyle of a wedding photographer?
M&MP – Be aware you’re a lucky person because you are working with people who are living some of the best moments of their lives. If you keep in mind this, you’ll feel like a part of their joy and could translate their happiness through to your camera.

Thank you so much for your time, it is always a pleasure to find out more about awesome people and connect with them.

MBW – Thank you so much for your time, it is always a pleasure to know more about awesome people and connecting with them.


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